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MiningWorld Ukraine 2019

MiningWorld Ukraine 2019
08 OCT
International Exhibition for Mining and Processing of Metals & Minerals
ZAPORIZHZYA, UKRAINE 8-10 October, 2019 Go to the website
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Event Overview

MiningWorld Ukraine is the only event for Ukrainian mining industry. MiningWorld Ukraine is the exhibition for open pit and underground mining. The specialty is not only coal mining, but all mining industry: from crushed and sand gravel mixes to ferrous and nonferrous metal and water.

The exhibition demonstrates the latest developments from Ukrainian and international producers of crushing, sorting, and digging equipment.

The exhibition also showcases the solutions for transporting and storing bulk materials, spare parts and accessories for mining machinery, haul trucks, mineral processing equipment and additives, tunneling equipment and technologies and means for safe mining operations.

Go to the MiningWorld Ukraine 2019 website
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